Holiday Mini Session

Hey guys! Captain Carla speaking, wishing you all warmth and coziness this Winter’s day. Have we even entered Winter yet? Surely we must’ve. [Quick Google break.] Wow! Did you know that Winter begins on December 21st this year? Good heavens. Well, we’re smack-dab in the middle of pumpkin season, that’s for sure. I’m on the dang Keto diet, so I haven’t been able to partake in any of the sweet festivities, but I’m drinking some pumpkin-flavored coffee right now, which is fine.

Well, you may be thinking, “I haven’t seen a blog from you in a while, is everything okay?” Yes. I initially thought I could handle the burden of blogging for Art Office, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t. At least– not to the degree I was doing it before.

However, I really value the personality and transparency of Art Office, so I wanted to do something to bring you that spirit of inclusiveness. Who knew the answer could be as simple as, “Don’t blog as long.” Yes, folks, that’s right. I’m not going to be so long-winded anymore. I’m going to keep these posts short and sweet, just how you like them. You’re welcome.

So our Holiday Mini Session! It’s coming up! I wasn’t planning on having a session at all between the Gamma Test Group and the next group in February, but get this– the Gamma Team just wasn’t having it. They literally [figuratively] backed me into a corner and said, “Carla, we don’t know what we’re going to do without Art Office between now and February!” And I have to say, I was right there in that boat with them.

In fact, most of the Holiday Mini Sesh “staff” are returning members from the Gamma Group. We have a few spots open, but I’m not even concerned if we don’t get them filled. I know this is a crazy time for everyone, and certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to start something new at the moment.

If you’re anything like me, though, the six weeks of this Mini Session are going to save your life at the Christmas tree. Honestly, I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I’ve been in my homemade Christmas presents over the past few years, all because I waited until the last minute and rushed them all. Not this year, bébé! I’m going to use Art Office for all it’s worth, and get my presents done well, and on time! Hell yeah!

All right, that’s all I’ve got for now. Not sure yet how often I’ll be updating the blog here, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon.