Last Day to Apply for Mini Session!

Hey guys! You read the title right, today (Sunday, November 1st) is the last day I’ll be accepting applications for our Holiday Mini Session. So if you’ve been on the fence, read to the end of this post, and apply!

I haven’t done a lot of advertising for this application period, and the reason is that we’re almost a full house already. Most of the members of the Gamma Test Group are returning for the six weeks of the Mini Session. But don’t worry, come January, I’ll be inundating Facebook and Instagram with ads for the next full session, which I believe I’m going to call The Winter Session, but feel free to offer other suggestions.

The reason I told you to read to the end, is that I’m going to give you a comprehensive look at what this Mini Session is going to be. Unfortunately, since Art Office is a relatively novel idea, it takes some time and pointed explanation to sink in. I understand. So why not give us another chance, if the idea has seemed too vague or weird to take in? All right, here we go:

Applications are now open for membership to Art Office’s Holiday Mini Session. The application asks questions like, “What kind of artist are you? Can you commit to X, Y, and Z?” Once I’ve reviewed the applications, I contact the applicants to schedule interviews. This is where I get a real sense of the person, and can better ascertain their interest and understanding of the program. Applicants are then chosen, notified, and expected to attend New Hire Orientation, where I go over the details of the session and answer any outstanding questions.

Then the program begins! At our first meeting and every Monday following, there will be an embarrassing ice-breaker game, followed by each member sharing their session goals, as well as goals for their upcoming week. Tuesdays and Thursdays Art Office will host In-Studio Hours, where members can come to work with their coworkers in the room. Wednesday is our Open Studios day, where the public can watch us all work. And Every Friday, we have a Happy Hour, to hang out and talk about anything.

After six weeks of that, it’s over! If you’ve been following Art Office, you may be wondering, “What about the final show?” Well, seeing as Christmas is right around the corner, and most of us will be working on things like presents and items to sell, we figured it would be best not to have a final show for this session.

So there you have it! The cost for the Holiday Mini Session is a mere $5, so if you think it might be a good fit, head over to the Membership page and apply! ‘Kay bye!

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