Spring ’21 Mini Session… Comin’ Right Up!

It’s the most beautiful day of all time here in Iowa City. I swear, there’s nothing like going from a wind chill of -30ºF to full sunshine and 43ºF! You’d think I’d be out there in it, but–– come on–– it’s still cold. And besides, I was out there in it, earlier today. I (Carla) live right across the street from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, so whenever I have to get cancer shit done, I usually walk. Unless it’s Antarctica of course. Anyway, this morning I was able to get my menopause shot (literally, it puts me into menopause) and then sashay through the dental campus’ two remaining feet of snow, all the way home. It was fun. I hope you all have had a lovely day, and are getting nestled into a lovely evening.

Yesterday marked the last day Art Office was accepting applications for our Spring ’21 Mini Session. We didn’t get a full house this time, and it looks like everyone will be returning members, so that just makes my job easier! I’m ever-so-slightly disappointed that we didn’t get more applicants, but I know that was my fault; I could’ve done much more to get the word out–– and I will! This session is going to be short, obviously, and I’ll still be having chemotherapy infusions throughout the whole thing, so I think it’s a good thing that we’re a small bunch. It’ll give me time to create a campaign for Summer, hopefully!

There are some changes that are being implemented this session that are worth noting. Last session, our meetings were in the evening, and this time they’re in the morning. Meeting times have always been a source frustration here at Art Office. You can’t please everybody, unfortunately. In the beginning, I hoped that “everything would just work out the way it was meant to,” HA! Nope, turns out, nothing works like that! Not in the real world! There are always schedules to work around, physical and mental health issues that come up, and children! Lord, there are always children! ;)

Babysitting GIF - Babysit Babysitting Babysitter - Discover & Share GIFs |  Ron swanson, Parks n rec, Parks and recreation

Anyway, I decided to try mornings this time, and to compare the data from this round with last time, to see how well we do with the schedule switch. I’m optimistic, personally (which I know skews the data, oh well), since I do tend to get more/better work done in the morning hours. We’ll see how everyone else fares.

Another fun change is something I’m calling “Keyholding.” This is a new policy I’ve decided to try, where everyone has a “key” to Art Office’s Zoom account. This means that any employee can “come to work” at any time! Brilliant, right? This is definitely more in line with the original tone of Art Office, being a literal location where you can come and work whenever you feel like it. The danger, of course, is that members will forget to turn the lights out and lock up when they leave. EXCEPT NOT, BECAUSE IT’S VIRTUAL.

All righty, well, I think this blog post is done. Thanks for letting me ramble!