Alumni Spotlight: Emily Jalinsky

Emily Jalinsky

is an interdisciplinary printmaking artist and community educator. Through her works on paper, assemblages, and installations she investigates mindfulness and changing states in the body prompted by her experience with sleep/seizure-like episodes and psychological disorders.

Emily has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at CSPS Hall, Cedar Rapids, IA, and the Stanley Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA. Permanent Collections include the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics and UI Mood Disorder Clinic specialized treatment center for depression. She was selected for the Iowa Arts Council Strategic Planning Partners Series, 2020-2021, and the Iowa Women’s Art Exhibit at the State Capital, Des Moines, IA, 2017.

She received a BFA in printmaking from the University of Kansas in 2012 and now lives and works in Iowa City, IA. Emily is passionate about accessible community art education and collaboration. She is an educator and founding member of the Iowa City Press Co-op at Public Space One, Iowa City, IA. Prompted by the hardships of 2020-2021, her teaching emphasis has been on mindfulness and process-based virtual art sessions. She most recently was accepted into the art work program, Art Office, devoting time to a new mixed-media series, ‘Art Offerings’.


Emily Jalinsky is an interdisciplinary artist primarily working in printmaking, pen and ink, watercolor, and embroidery. Often, works on paper are delicately layered with found materials to create larger compositions, assemblages, and installations. She investigates changing states in the body and mind, giving visual representations to what is unseen through semi-abstract organic imagery. Internal and external worlds are explored through the dependency and influence one has on the other, while biological and spiritual imagery intertwines with an elusive sensibility. Embedded throughout each piece and studio practice is the fervent need for nature and ritual as a source for solace. Notions of resiliency and groundedness amongst the chaos weave between Emily’s body of work through her use of lichen, a slow-growing symbiotic organism, the use of found materials holding unknown histories, and daily ceremonies such as steeping tea and setting intentions. 

Works are designed to embrace the viewer as a participant, prompting mindful contemplation and pause. Emily’s most recent series, ‘Art Offerings’, is designed to be held in a specific location on the body or surrounding space before finding a permanent place used for reflection.

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