Carla Baudrons

Carla Baudrons is a self-taught artist, blogger, and aspiring book author/illustrator in Iowa City, Iowa. She worked in custom graphic design and screenprinting for fifteen years before deciding to switch tracks and focus on her own art. 

Her work is an expression of her personality, which makes it authentic, precise, and extremely emotional. She primarily works in pen and ink, but also enjoys linocut, screenprinting, and watercolor. Her creative influences include early Japanese manga, art nouveau and deco advertisement art, as well as Golden Age illustrators Pogany, Nielson, and Rackham.

Currently, she is a manager at Blick Art Materials, where she enjoys helping artists with projects, learning and teaching new skills, and creating masterful custom frame layouts. She is also the founder and general manager of Art Office, a virtual support system for artists.

Blog: @carlabaudrons
Etsy: @carlabaudronsart