Alumni Spotlight: Oglesby Finlay

Oglesby Finlay Oglesby Finlay is an artist currently focusing on Surreal and Fantasy work. Before receiving a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, Oglesby was primarily self taught. Since graduating in 2016, they have been working as a freelancer, and have recently been creating coloring books and activity materials for local businesses in the Iowa Corridor. While… Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Oglesby Finlay

The Mini Session Has Begun! …and some downer news

Yes! Art Office's Holiday Mini Session is happening now! And dang, does it feel like this one's going to be productive. We had our first meeting last night (Monday, November 9th), and I have to say I was so relieved when many– if not most– members confessed to having done nothing over the break. Turns… Continue reading The Mini Session Has Begun! …and some downer news