Art Office exists because of membership dues, but we’re growing because of you. Member artists pay for the bare bones essentials (our Zoom account, this website, and some materials). All other donations go toward membership scholarships, shipping costs, marketing and advertising, fundraising campaigns, supplies, and professional and legal services.

With a donation of $5 or more you’re entitled to our very first piece of merch– that’s right! We made pins! For only $5, you’ll be able to declare proudly and fashionably that you support working artists! Free local pickup (Iowa City, Iowa), or tack on $5 for shipping, please!

To donate, first fill out the form below so that we can get your pin on its way. You can then Venmo us at @artoffice, PayPal at, or to pay by cash, card, or check, simply send the form, and we’ll be in contact shortly to go over those details.