“Art Office has completely changed the way I make art. My productivity and confidence have more than doubled! As someone who tends to prioritize others before myself, Art Office has offered the structure and support to put my art first, and I’m finally starting to realize my goal of becoming a full time artist.”
-Anna Reishus, Art Office Beta and Gamma Test Member

“I have a job which requires me to work 8-5 on weekdays so I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to integrate Art Office with my schedule. Carla was very understanding and easy-going about it though! The whole program was so helpful in motivating me and keeping me accountable to actually do the creative things I wanted to do.”
-Erin Reeve, Art Office Alpha Team Member

“Art Office has changed my life. I deal with some mental health issues that have made consistency in my creative life practically nonexistent. Before Art Office, I rarely finished a project, my work was totally dependent on my mood, and my goals were vague at best. As a member of Art Office, I feel encouraged to make and meet my creative goals every week. I’m more productive than I’ve ever been in my life, which feeds my mental health more than medicine ever could.”
-Carla Baudrons, Founder