Hope Spragg is a lifelong creative whose recent work investigates the natural world through a hyper-pigmented drawing and painting palette. She is interested in the process of all art and craft making, both the practical and psychological reasoning and impact of making art. She is a bit of a dabbler, although her recent work shows a deeper interest in daily, fluid, artistic practice. 

She graduated from the University of Iowa in 1999 with a BA in art education. Her working life since includes art, classrooms and acting & directing in community theatre. Currently, she is a teacher at Preucil Preschool, an intensivist in the art and play department. She creates art whenever and wherever she can.

Her art studio is wonderfully and conveniently located at Public Space One, and is open for visits outside of Pandemic times. She has public work on display during this summer of 2020 as part of the Iowa City downtown Benchmarks and street pole banner projects. Additionally, her work is visible and available online and is available for commission. 

Instagram: @hope.spragg
Website: www.hope-spragg.com
Etsy: @HopeSpraggArt