Fancy art school degrees don’t always create ‘Fine Artists’, sometimes they achieve quite the opposite. Mary Patton (They/them) attended a super fancy fArt school in Chicago (SAIC) and went on to get a Masters degree from the University of Iowa (also in fArt). With nearly a decade of experience creating, and critiquing within academia Mary fell out of love with art (with a capital A) and in love with a very different kind of expression.

You may know them as Iowa City’s own, Moxie Hart (that’s Mx to you), local burlesque working-class royalty. As Moxie, Mary uses the blue collar, American art form of burlesque to explore creative psychological concepts such as Archetypal Metaphor, the Shadow Side, Mindfulness, and Embodied Integration. 

Wrapping this all in a thick veneer of glitter, Moxie is a non-binary, disabled, Queer performer, teacher, scholar, historian, producer, and costumer of Burlesque. They believe in the accessible healing power of intentional performance (with a side of ridiculous).