Monica Basile

(she/her) is a multipassionate artist, midwife, healer, and educator living in Iowa City. She studied printmaking and book arts at the University of Nebraska-Omaha before completing her PhD in gender, women’s and sexuality studies at the University of Iowa. 

She created zines and comics in the 1990s, as part of the feminist riot grrrl movement and informed by her experiences as a teen single mother. Her subsequent work in book arts, printmaking, and painting has explored childbirth, maternal embodiment, and the spiritual-material interconnectedness between humans and ecosystems. 

Drawing on her ongoing herbal studies and lifelong connection with plants, her current art practice focuses mainly on botanical illustrations, paintings, and linocut prints as meditations on the simple magic of nature. 

She enjoys matcha green tea, morning yoga, night walks, and long baths. 

Instagram: @ravenandmagnolia