Tracy Towley is a freelance copy/writer, contributor to, and winner of the Iowa Chapbook Prize for her short story “Osmosis.”

Her artistic outlets include typing away on her Smith-Corona, decoupaging the enormous bookshelves her husband made her, sewing pillowcases with banjo-playing birds, and printmaking.

Having been a college student for 22 years, the last eight at the University of Iowa, she will finally receive her B.A. in English in Winter ’22, thank God. She is a Socialist and wishes college really was the Marxist indoctrination factory some people think it is.

She lives in a Magical House with her chef husband (Sean), two black cats (Dry Bones and Gristle), one dog (Fiddle, who looks like a creature created by Jim Henson), and a ghost (Kurt Vonnegut).  

Instagram: @tracy_towley
Bookriot: @tracy-shapley