Well, hello everybody!

My name is Carla Baudrons, I’m an artist and art supply slinger in Iowa City, Iowa. I’m also the founder, owner, and general manager of Art Office.

I’m a very social person, but a fiercely solo artist. I’ve spent a lot of my life looking for a life path where I could balance the two sides of me, but could never find one that worked.

So I made one!

Art Office is a simulated workplace in which individual artists are prompted to engage consistently in their creative practices using the approach of a typical office environment.

In other words, we’re a bunch of loner artists LARPing that we work together in an office.

Because most people work harder, better, and more when they’re responsible to their peers and hierarchical superiors. The crux is proximity. You don’t have to collaborate with people in order to be inspired by them. Peer pressure (without judgement) sparks motivation. It’s practically science.

If this sounds a little radical, just think about it: if you’re stuck at home for weeks, not interacting with anyone, you’re likely to stop caring as much about things like personal hygiene, grooming, carbs, pants, etc.

But when you come face-to-face with a human being again, suddenly you become very aware of your appearance! Am I right or am I right? The same is absolutely true for creative productivity.

Isolated, it’s hard to care; together, we want to be our best.

Art Office’s mission is to help artists realize their full creative potential simply by making them work next to each other.

The word “art” comes from a very old root word meaning, “to fit together,” and the word “office” comes from a word that means, “doing work.” Here at Art Office, that’s our goal.

Make Art Work.