Art Office is a work program for artists in which members are prompted to apply themselves to their creative practices like they would a 9-5 office job.

Our mission is to help artists focus and be more productive by prescribing a regimen based on personal responsibility, peer accountability, and public engagement.

Here’s How it Works

Art Office sessions are 12 weeks long and are held in the Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer of each year.

Most Art Office members join for one of two reasons: to supercharge their creative practice in general, or to put the heat on a specific project. Every Monday during the session, all members get together virtually to share their weekly goals and the previous week’s progress.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, members convene again to simply work in the same room. We think of it like a work shift. It’s always surprising how much work we get done in that short amount of time!

Every Friday, we have a Happy Hour, to wind down and get social. Getting to know each other builds camaraderie and helps us hold each other accountable.

At the end of every session, Zoom and Facebook Live host our Final Show, where each member presents what they’ve been working on during the session.

So that’s the skeleton of how it works, but let me tell you a little bit more. There are some fun features that give Art Office some real substance. First of all, we are big proponents of the idea that your creativity is interconnected to your physical body. So we require that members take two calisthenics breaks every work day.

Another delightful aspect of Art Office is that we pay well! Well, that’s a bit misleading. Here’s how this optional feature works: each member artist sets their own “worth rate,” and keeps track of their hours throughout the week. They submit their timecards weekly and we mail out “check-vouchers” of their earnings. This check is, obviously, not real, however, it is a real voucher. Every hour worked represents one dollars’ worth of discounted studio-cubicle rental in the future iteration of a brick-and-mortar Art Office!

Oh! And one last thing–– we do Employee of the Month! This honor goes to the employee who has followed the program best.

Art Office has gone through several morphs and moltings since coming into the world. It’s a new thing, with little-to-no existing comparisons, so we remain a flexible experiment of sorts, adding on elements and ideas that make sense, and pruning overgrowth or dead ends where needed. That being said, the skeletal foundation of the concept has stayed the same throughout its young life. And that’s because it works. The regimen we prescribe is and will always be based on personal responsibility, peer accountability, and public engagement.

Ready to apply? We’re always accepting applications! Head over to the “Membership” tab to learn more, and follow us on social to find out when our next session begins!