Sure, but How Does it Work?

• Teams consisting of eight artists and a manager commit to each other to work [remotely] on their creative projects or goals for a period lasting three months.

• Staff members are required to take two low-impact calisthenics breaks every workday.

• Members set their own goals, schedule, and worth rate and are required to log and submit their progress weekly.

• Compensation is issued in the form of bi-weekly check-vouchers which may be exchanged for discounted cubicle rental in the future iteration of an in-person Art Office.

• Throughout the week, staff may communicate with each other directly via the app Slack, where they can also share work, post feedback, and ask questions.

• Art Office participants attend weekly Zoom meetings to present goals and achievements. They also join designated Zoom sessions to simply “work in the same room” with their coworkers.

• Art Office holds live open studios hours through Zoom on Facebook once a week. Artists may choose to stream themselves working in real time or focus on curated sections of their studios.

• At the end of the three-month period, artists present their work to the public via Zoom on Facebook Live and showcase selected pieces on the website’s “Shows” page.