The proof is in the pudding! Here’s what past members have to say about their time in Art Office…

“Art Office has become an integral part of my art practice. It’s easy for me to prioritize chores and other work over my own personal goals, but Art Office has really helped me stay on track and accomplish so much more than I could have thought! I feel so supported and inspired knowing I’m working along-side other talented artists as well.”

Anna Reishus

What’s a non-cliche way of saying something is life-changing? Whatever that is, that’s what Art Office has been for me. I’m in my third session, and it has helped me focus on the things I’ve had trouble finishing in the past and given me the confidence to try new things. Turns out I love painting – who knew? Turns out I CAN fix a sewing machine – who knew! I’ve loved getting to know other artists, and the support we have for one another is something I’ve personally never experienced before. Knowing that I’ll be spending not just a certain number of hours per week but certain blocks of time per week focusing on my art has really helped me create a habit that I am beyond grateful for.
Tracy Towley
Art Office is an incredibly supportive environment to help you prioritize your creative goals. It’s so refreshing to have a group of artists to share your triumphs and struggles with each week. Beyond the fellowship, ArtOffice holds you accountable to FINALLY GET THINGS DONE. If you want to grow and challenge yourself as an artist, but struggle to self-motivate, this group might be for you!

Desiree Dahl

Art office was such an overall positive experience for me! The community spirit that Carla encouraged through her own enthusiastic and open-minded attitude set a supportive tone for all of our group interactions. I felt a tremendous sense of acceptance for my artistic process, and I was glad to have the opportunity to encourage others in this way, as well. The structure of the session was the perfect blend of accountability and flexibility. Having clear expectations for dedicated studio time helped me to show up for my art in a more disciplined way, and setting my own goals for each week helped me bring a new level of focus to my creative projects. I very much appreciated learning from and sharing with a group of other creatives from across many disciplines. And the weekly discussion topics that Carla presented were thoughtful, rich, and inspiring. This program is truly a wonderful invention, and I wish all artists could be a part of it!

Monica Basile

“I have a job which requires me to work 8-5 on weekdays so I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to integrate Art Office with my schedule. Carla was very understanding and easy-going about it though! The whole program was so helpful in motivating me and keeping me accountable to actually do the creative things I wanted to do.”

Erin Reeve

“Art as work is just like any other job; you need structure, orginization, and people keeping you accountable. But for a lot artists, we are on our own, and our constantly imagining minds keep us from being structured. Art office was an amazing way to put the work in artwork. It was so rewarding working With ‘coworkers’ encouraging you towards your goals and keeping you accountable, while they do the same. I really enjoyed all the people I met during my stint in the Art Office, and it taught me some really helpful tools to keep myself motivated!”

Oglesby Finlay

I loved the structure of Art Office—enough incentive was built in to force me to sit down and write (always and forever the hardest part of writing, for me), but the incentives weren’t leveraged against me when I had to adjust my schedule. I had a hard time comparing the experience to anything I’ve done before, though it felt a bit like a creative conference! The video calls made the peer interaction really motivating, and what dedicated artist doesn’t love the creative juice you get from watching artists from other disciplines/media create their work? For a pandemic-fried writer like me, it was the coolest jumpstart on my manuscript. Planning to enroll for another stint later this year.

Anna Laura Reeve

“Art Office has changed my life. I deal with some mental health issues that have made consistency in my creative life practically nonexistent. Before Art Office, I rarely finished a project, my work was totally dependent on my mood, and my goals were vague at best. As a member of Art Office, I feel encouraged to make and meet my creative goals every week. I’m more productive than I’ve ever been in my life, which feeds my mental health more than medicine ever could.”

Carla Baudrons

“Art Office was a game-changer in the early days of pandemic and I have full confidence in its evolution into a world that is opening back up in fits and starts. My biggest challenge is consistency and the structure and routines of AO offers tools and accountability I simply could not do alone. As much as I love to work alone, thank goodness, because, I’m an artist- my soul seeks community and I’ve found that in my office mates. It’s good to be part of a team.”
Hope Spragg

“Art Office did what I expected and needed it to do: made me accountable to my own artistic practice. I don’t care for cubicles but do love getting time in the studio!”

John Engelbrecht

A shortage of ideas has never been my problem, but I have real difficulty actually making work out of these ideas. Art Office motivated me and gave me structure in a way that I’ve missed since college, and was instrumental in finally manifesting some of those ideas. Unfortunately, nobody ever seemed to take my request seriously to prepare jokes for meetings, which feels like a fireable offense, if you ask me!
Ryan Perkins

“Basically, I’m obsessed with Art Office- but really, to say it has been very beneficial to not only my professional life but also personal life would be a severe understatement. I’ve tried in the past to work professionally as an artist- but without the support system, accountability, and structure that say, art school or coworkers bring- I failed pretty miserably. Having a set time where I meet with others who are trying to obtain the same thing is awesome. Having access to their minds and skills is amazing. Bless the day that Art Office was born.”

Leigha Garcia George

“Art Office was such a refreshing delight. It got me off of the couch and into the studio. Although, I was only a member for one session, it provided me with tools to scheduling my studio time into my regular schedule. The feedback, advice and support from the other members was also very encouraging. Would definitely recommend it to anyone experiencing artist’s block.” 

Liz Richards

“The thing that I have missed most since leaving art school has been the community aspect. The camaraderie you gain from shared nights in the studio, work deadlines and generally all being artists trying to live your best creative lives while also trying to stay afloat in this crazy world. I joined Art Office when the world was at its most crazy (hello future readers in The After Coronavirus Times) as a measure to Have Something to Do While Stuck at Home and Stay Sane, but I stayed because I found a something I’d been missing – deadlines for ‘shows’ as motivation to actually work and fellowship with other individuals seeking the same fulfillment in their artistic lives that I am. And really, at this point, I can’t imagine not participating in an Art Office session.”

Candace Weigand